Venus ‘Space Suits’ Turn Up the Heat

NEW YORK Swimwear house Venus will bow its first national TV spot during Monday’s Miss America pageant.

All 52 contestants will model Venus suits at the show, which is being held in Las Vegas and broadcast on CMT. Mario Lopez will host.

“The spot wasn’t designed to win a gold Lion [at the Cannes festival]. It was designed to tell people that Venus is out there and if you want a hot bathing suit you go to them,” said Frank Costantini, ecd and partner at On Ideas in Jacksonville, Fla.

The approach is downright elemental: Women preen and pose in the company’s skimpy suits as a reggae tune plays on the soundtrack.

There’s even a tongue-in-cheek educational angle of sorts, as the work informs us that the planet Venus gets hellishly hot. The ad puts it thusly: “Venus. Second planet from the sun. 903 degrees in the middle of January. That’s really, really, really hot. But that’s nothing compared to us. Venus: the hottest place on the planet.”

Said client CEO Daryle Scott, “It’s a chance for us to exhibit on a national stage just what the Venus brand stands for and create some excitement. Our brand stands for women who are confident, and have a sexy image. It’s for someone that is out there living their life.”