VehicleSF Breaks TV Campaign for Skechers Sport

VehicleSF, a creative boutique here that has worked with clients such as Nike and MTV, is launching a national TV campaign for Skechers Sport footwear.

The spots, which break this week on MTV, coincide with a national print push the shop created earlier this year for the client’s men’s and women’s Sport lines. Total spending on the campaign is $1 million.

The TV work features three spots in 30- and 15-second versions showing teens and twentysomethings browsing for Skechers footwear items on a virtual computer.

“Our main message is that Skechers offers a great selection of the latest up-to-the-minute styles in modern footwear,” VehicleSF creative director and founding partner Dennis Crowe said. “The [com puter] interface device allows us to convey selection in the context of modern stylistic sensibilities.”

The three spots have a similar setup, although one focuses on men’s shoes, another on women’s and a third on both. In the spot titled “Unisex,” teens are shown partying and dancing. The camera zooms in on a few of them, who reach out at the screen and touch what looks like a transparent computer keyboard, ostensibly ordering shoes online. Different types of shoes roll across the screen; one drops and ends up on one teen’s foot.

The spot closes with the brand icon and Web site address.

“The interface gave us the opportunity to show off a bunch of models of shoes,” co-creative director Neal Zimmermann said. “By putting the transparent gizmo on the screen, you allow people to show shoes and play off the lifestyle of the consumer.”

This is the first work from Vehicle SF for Skechers. The client uses a number of shops, and an in-house group, for ad projects. Media duties are handled in-house.

Executives at the client could not be reached for comment.

Mark Winn of Vehicle directed the ads. The campaign was edited at Red Car, and post effects created by Radium, both in San Francisco.

VehicleSF, formerly Zimmermann Crowe, is a 12-year-old creative firm. The shop recently pitched the $10 million Lucky Jeans account.