VARSITY (ARTS AND) LETTERS “Whaddya have, whaddya have?”

“Whaddya have, whaddya have?”

That frequent cry of the wait staff at The Varsity will likely findits way into print ina book about the restaurant being designed and compiled by Max Productions.

Specializing in curb service, hot dogs and fried peach pies, the Atlanta landmark is a flamboyant example of 1920s architecture. It was established by Frank Gordy, who dropped out of nearby Georgia Tech because he thought he’d make more money feeding fledgling engineers than by becoming one himself. He was right. Within four years the erstwhile undergraduate was worth $40,000.

The commemorative literary and photographic homage, scheduled for release in fall 2003 when The Varsity turns 75, will be published by Looking Glass Books of Decatur, Ga.

“It will be a visual history as well as a verbal one,” said Max creative director Gregg Bauer.

The Atlanta design studio is collecting photos and stories from longtime customers and other sources via the eatery’s Web site,

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