Varnson Has Customers Crow About Krystal

ATLANTA Krystal has launched a new installment in its long-running broadcast-advertising campaign that uses unscripted testimonials from the restaurant chain’s customers to promote its products, the company said.

The ads, created by The Varnson Group in Atlanta, began airing this week on local broadcast-network affiliates and cable networks in 17 Southeastern cities. The work introduces the company’s new jumbo spicy chicken wings, which debuted on its menu this week. The effort will continue through Oct. 25.

The new ads were filmed in Atlanta and Nashville, Tenn., this summer. In the work, a camera crew visits Krystal restaurants and interviews customers. One commercial features a customer in Atlanta who coins his own word for the wings, “gi-normous,” while another spot features Calvin, a customer in Nashville who sings of his fondness for the wings while his mouth is stuffed with chicken.

“We had such unique, enthusiastic people come out to sample and talk about the new wings, everyone from two sets of twins to a rock violinist to the incomparable Calvin from Nashville,” said Mike Williams, vp of marketing at Krystal.

The Varnson Group conceived the “real people” campaign when it began working with Krystal three years ago. Introduced on radio, the effort expanded to TV in 2002. The company has introduced more than a dozen versions of the ads in the past two years.