Valpak Dubs Itself ‘Original Consumer Stimulus Package’

Direct mail giant Valpak is launching a new national ad campaign today entitled “The original consumer stimulus package since 1968.” Playing off President Obama’s historic signing of the stimulus package in Denver, the coupon provider will run full-page ads in the top 30 U.S. newspapers today and tomorrow. 

The sparse ad, which targets beleaguered business owners, simply says: “It doesn’t take an act of Congress or a trillion bucks to stimulate consumer spending. You can reinvigorate the economy today by putting a money-saving offer in the hands of targeted consumers.” Tagline: “It’s time for Val-Pak.  The ad also includes a call-to-action in the form of a toll-free number and Web address.

This marks a change in marked change in strategy for the company which up until now had traditionally advertised to consumers. Last year it switched to a dual target of consumers and businesses, and this year it is speaking directly to businesses that are looking to drive sales.

“This ad is somewhat unexpected for the Valpak brand, but it shows we are more relevant than ever in this new era,” said  Kim Dominguez, director of marketing at Valpak.

Dominguez says the push is inline with consumers’ behavioral changes: “Everyone is feeling the pain of our current economy, businesses and consumers alike. This ad speaks to everyone, highlighting the savings consumers find in the envelope at home, and the power of promotional advertising to stimulate sales for businesses.”

Valpak spent $8 million on media (excluding online) for the first 11 months of 2008, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.