Utility Urges Customers to ‘Save’ Twice

DALLAS Creative Civilization’s latest television campaign for the City Public Service promotes conservation measures for the utility’s residential customers.

Specifically, the three spots by the San Antonio shop for the local utility company highlight optimal thermostat settings, the importance of changing air conditioning filters and strategies for reducing air leakage in the home.

The first spot opens with a man adjusting the temperature on his thermostat as Bright Man, CPS’ spokesperson, looks on in the background. As the man adjusts the temperature to 73 degrees, Bright Man begins to question his decision. As the two men begin to debate the appropriate temperature, Bright Man says, “Keep your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter. It could save you up to 20 percent.” The spot concludes with the CPS logo and the voiceover, “Save energy. Save money.”

The second spot features a woman changing the filter on her air conditioning unit. Bright Man suddenly appears and says, “That thing keeps your unit running smoothly and efficiently. Change filters every two weeks in the summers. Save energy. Save money.”

The third spot has Bright Man offering helpful suggestions on how to reduce cool and warm air leakage in the home. He recommends that air conditioning units should be checked in the summer and furnaces checked in the winter. He also tells homeowners to use R-30 insulation in their attics to save energy and money.

The conservation effort, which broke last week, also includes three Hispanic spots, in addition to radio and print work. It is the shop’s second work for the client. The agency previously did a safety campaign for CPS this past summer.

CPS serves approximately 600,000 electric customers and 300,000 natural gas customers in and around the San Antonio area. Campaign spending is less than $1 million, the shop said.