USPS Direct Mail Campaign Promotes Direct Mail

Showing that it’s an organization that practices what it preaches, the U.S. Postal Service has rolled out a print and direct mail campaign promoting direct mail.

The campaign, via Campbell-Ewald, Detroit, consists of 300,000 direct mail pieces. Creative highlights well-known brands that use direct mail, like Dell, and invite users to send a card back to get a free DVD outlining more direct mail case studies. For instance, the DVD highlights Wild Dunes Resort in Charleston, S.C., which got an ROI of more than 3,000 percent on a 45,000-piece direct mail campaign.

USPS rep Joanne Veto said the recession prompted the effort. “The whole theme is this is how to be successful and get great ROI,” she said. “Our position is that direct mail has the best ROI. It’s very affordable and very effective.”