Using MailChimp Is Like Having a Second Brain, Says Brand’s Colorful New Spokeswoman

A character as vibrant as the set design

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This is your brain on MailChimp. Except it’s not your brain, but a second brain, working alongside yours to handle various time-consuming marketing tasks, so you can focus on your small business’ bigger picture.

That is MailChimp’s pitch to business owners in colorful new ads from Droga5, pitching the marketing automation platform’s suite of tools that include services like email, ad-targeting and ecommerce.

A series of online videos, styled as chirpy and a bit hallucinatory educational-style videos, explain the “Get Another Brain” concept. The first video introduces the metaphor via the brand’s new spokeswoman, whose fast-paced banter covers a lot of ground quickly:

Subsequent spots posit more specific scenarios for MailChimp users, and their second brains, which will make everything a snap.

The work is appealingly odd and gets more into the weeds of MailChimp’s services than Droga5’s previous campaign for the brand—the much lauded “Did You Mean MailChimp?” work, which won a Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes.

The spokeswoman character, in particular, is memorable. Played by London-based actress Fliss Russell, who has a background as a children’s entertainer, she delivers her snappy monologues while exuding a manic and self-aware charisma that still manages to be charming.

“We cast a net wide, and both the director [Rob Leggatt] and creatives collectively felt that she had the right range of delivery and quirkiness that fit the MailChimp brand and campaign idea perfectly,” says Ruben Mercadal, associate director of film production at Droga5.

Client: MailChimp
Campaign: Get Another Brain
Title “Brains (And how to get a MailChimp one)”
“The Brain Welcomes New Subscribers”
“The Brain Finds A New Audience with Facebook Ads”
“The Brain Recovers Abandoned Shopping Carts”
“The Brain Rewards Best Customers”
“The Brain Retargets Site Visitors with Google Ads”
Launch Date 09.26.17

Agency Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Neil Heymann
Group Creative Director: Don Shelford
Associate Creative Director: Julie Matheny
Senior Art Director: Leilanni Todd
Copywriter: Colin Lord
Art Director: Inna Kofman
Design Director: Devin Croda
Associate Design Director: Nate Moore
Experience Designer: James Garvey
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Co-Directors of Film Production: Jesse Brihn, Bryan Litman
Associate Director of Film Production: Ruben Mercadal
Associate Producer, Film: Sasha Pace
Business Affairs Managers: Marcelle Gruman
Associate Director of Interactive Production: Justin Durazzo
Producer, Interactive: Grace Wang
Associate Producer, Interactive: Lauren Hanglow
Director of Art Production: Cliff Lewis
Photographer: Paul McGeiver
Director of Print Services: Rob Lugo
Performance Group Director: Paul Eckelmann
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Graphics Studio Managers: Virginia Vargas
Principal Interactive Developer: Simon Abrams
Production Artist: Emmanuel Perez
Quality Control Specialist: Susanne Johansson
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Co-Head of Strategy: Colm Murphy
Group Strategy Director: Dan Ng
Strategy Director: Deepa Sen
Strategy Director: Katie Coane
Head of Communications Strategy: Colleen Leddy
Communications Strategy Director: Taylor Hines
Chief Intelligence Officer: Amy Avery
Senior Data Strategist: Joshua Gordon
Executive Group Director: Julian Cheevers
Account Director: Pat Rowley
Account Supervisor: Josh Freeland
Account Manager: Camille Cheeks-Lomax
Project Managers: Rayna Lucier, Kareem Miller
Associate Counsel: Zachary Werner

Client MailChimp
Chief Marketing Officer: Tom Klein
VP of Marketing: Sean Cook
Sr Director of Brand Marketing: Mark DiCristina
Sr Director of Design: Todd Dominey
Marketing Manager, Brand: Sarita Alami
Director of Marketing Operations: Amy Sturgill
Senior Marketing Manager: Palmer Houchins

Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Rob Leggatt
DOP: Ben Smithard
Executive Producer: Matthew Brown / Cathleen Kisich
Producer: Peter Knowles

Editorial: Wax / The Quarry
Editor: Paul Watts, Flaura Atkinson
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Executive Producer: Deirdre Crowley
Producer: Ali Middleton

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.