U.S. Cellular Tag Touts Service

U.S. Cellular puts the emphasis on customer service in a new campaign from Doner tagged, “We connect with you.”

The campaign breaks Wednesday and includes four 30-second TV spots.

U.S. Cellular spends an estimated $30 million on advertising annually.

TV spots will roll out over a four-month period with a new spot each month in U.S. Cellular’s major markets, including Milwaukee; Madison, Wis.; Des Moines, Iowa; Tulsa, Okla.; and Knoxville, Tenn. They will run indefinitely, said John Sloan, executive vice president and account management director at the Southfield, Mich. based Doner, which has had the account since 1996.

The first spot, “Calling Plan,” introduces viewers to a customer at a competitor’s store. The spot opens with the customer in front of a long line at the cash register. When an employee finally comes out of a break room, the customer asks to purchase a calling plan and begins describing the plan he wants.

Before he can finish, the employee suggests another plan which obviously does not fit the customer’s needs. After he declines, the employee suggests yet another inappropriate plan. The customer stands and stares at the employee, clearly confused. The spot concludes with the voiceover asking, “Is your wireless service really providing you with service?”

U.S. Cellular is the nation’s eighth largest wireless carrier with more than 3 million customers in 145 markets.