US Airways Selects Moses Anshell

LOS ANGELES Independent Moses Anshell has been tapped to handle US Airways’ $25 million advertising account, according to the agency.

The Phoenix-based shop was selected following the carrier’s recent merger with America West Airlines, a Moses Anshell representative said. The agency had handled America West’s estimated $10 million creative account since autumn 2001.

“After doing our due diligence, we concluded that we already had the best guys for the job,” said US Airways executive vice president of sales and marketing Scott Kirby, in a statement. “As we reintroduce our ‘new’ brand to the flying public, we count them among our most valuable partners.”

Baltimore independent Eisner Communications had handled US Airways ad duties until the account was transferred in-house earlier this year. The airline spent $24 million on advertising in 2004, per TNS Media Intelligence, and $11 million from January to June 2005.

Late last month, US Airways and America West merged to form the nation’s fifth-largest airline. The newly formed discount carrier, headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., continues to operate under the US Airways brand name.