Urban Village Ceases Operation

DALLAS Tony Scott has closed Urban Village Advertising.

Scott opened his Dallas agency, which specialized in African American and urban advertising, five years ago.

The shop, which at one point had five employees, concentrated primarily on project work. Among its largest clients was Pro-Line International, a hair-care products manufacturer that hired the agency to handle regional advertising.

Scott attributed the closure of his shop to the economic slowdown and to consolidation in the segment, largely through acquisitions by large holding companies. Both factors made “working in a specific niche a little bit tougher,” he said.

Demand for urban advertising remains higher than it was when the agency opened, however. “There’s a consciousness [about the need for urban marketing] now that didn’t exist five years ago,” Scott said.

Scott has joined Obie Media in Dallas as public service account manager. He will manage the company’s public service program, which works to help local nonprofit organizations advertise on public transportation through discounts.