Women athletes have it tough. Not only must they survive in a traditionally male-dominated sphere, they also deal with the “uniboob,” the amorphous mass caused by pulling on a sports bra.

Fortunately, several companies are hoping to eradicate this—until recently—undocumented problem.

First, Lucy of Portland touted her “Uniboob Epiphany” with near-religious fervor in ads for Lucy.com.

Now Champion has launched its new Shape 2000 Bra, designed to eliminate the uniboob, with a print execution from Earle Palmer Brown in New York.

The ad shows a woman defying gravity to kick a soccer ball. A woman’s naked chest is outlined in the background.

“Now you can keep in shape while getting in shape,” the copy reads.

“It’s a whole new look [for Champion],” said Lou Carvell, creative director at EPB. “It’s a more action-oriented, much bolder look than we’ve done before.”

The ad breaks in the September issues of health and fashion magazines.