Updating The Globe

Holland Mark Advertising has launched a multimedia campaign for The Boston Globe designed to promote the daily newspaper’s redesign and several recently introduced or revamped sections to Web-savvy adults.

The campaign, which uses the new tagline “Designed to fit your life,” portrays the paper as an essential source of information in the fast-paced Internet economy.

The effort demonstrates “The Globe’s ability to keep you ahead of this ever-changing world,” said Bob Minihan, chief creative officer of Boston-based Holland Mark, which has shortened its name from Holland Mark Edmund Ingalls.

“A goal is to increase readership among the target group, a traditionally strong group” for the paper, said Bob Powers, vice president of marketing services at The Globe.

One TV spot follows an apparent “slacker” as he skateboards through the city, ultimately revealing that he is in fact a corporate CEO who depends on Globe coverage to help him understand the contemporary business scene. A print ad shows the paper folded in the shape of a cellular phone and employs the headline “How to stay in touch.” Radio and outdoor ads are also part of the effort. Globe ad spending was not disclosed but is believed to be in the low seven-figures.

Along with cleaner, updated design and type elements, new and updated sections focusing on business, careers and lifestyles were unveiled last week by New England’s largest daily.

Ads for the Boston Herald, the region’s No. 2 paper, are expected to appear in the fall.