An Unlikely Creative Team

They say a good idea can come from anywhere. Proof of that is the ad shown here, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day for the Belding Awards book to congratulate the winners. Dramatizing an imagined Mexican wrestling showdown between Lee “El Disruptor” Clow (“¿Macho y sexy? Sí”) and El Diablo de la Mediocridad (“¿Gordo y terrible? Sí”), the ad “came from the kitchen,” says Rob Schwartz, agency ecd and Beldings chairman. More specifically, it came from Carlos Rubio, the shop’s caterer (and a fledgling copywriter), and Brian Dougherty, the greeter at the front door (and a fledgling art director). It was chosen over 40-50 other submissions. “It was crude but charming and ultimately disruptive,” says Schwartz. “There was something about it that we loved. So we worked on it. We loved that it is not us against other agencies but a fight against complacency and mediocrity.”

Reached while he was setting up for “a hot dog and chips party for 350 people,” Rubio said it was “one of those ‘When in Rome’ situations. I was pursuing an acting career, so of course I went into catering. It was either that or limo driving, and it depends on whether you look good in white or black. But I’ve always been writing.” In fact, Rubio and Dougherty (“We instantly got each other,” Rubio declares) have been taking book-shop classes and are planning to finish their books by summer’s end. Is Rubio a fan of Mexican wrestling, then? “Not at all,” he says. “I’m from Utah. I know about ice cream and multiple wives.”