The word in Atlanta is that the city’s trees are being cut down by developers at a faster rate than the rain forests of South America.

So it seemed ironic that the Georgia Forestry Commission recently declared National Forest Products Week, a salute to the “building, furniture, pulp wood and paper products industries.”

Once a verdant and smog-free oasis in the foothills of the Appalachians, Atlanta is fast becoming the Los Angeles of the South, complete with air pollution and all-day traffic jams.

Across the rest of the state the piney woods are being chopped up into golf courses and vacation retreats.

The way things are headed, it seemed more fitting that the forestry boys working on”Georgia’s Fantastic Forests” campaign adopt that old and cynical slogan of the U.S. Air Force pilots who dumped thousands of tons of Agent Orange onto the jungles of Vietnam: “Only we can prevent forests!”