Universal Bows ‘Capital’ Campaign

LOS ANGELES The first advertising from independent davidandgoliath for Universal Studios Hollywood breaks this week, according to the agency.

The campaign brands the theme park as the “Entertainment Capital of L.A.”

“The perception is that Universal Studios is nothing but a drive-up studio tour, and it is quite the opposite,” said David Angelo, chief creative officer of the Los Angeles agency. “There’s so much more, particularly for Angelinos. The new campaign positions it as the epicenter of the epicenter of entertainment, the one place to address all your entertainment needs, the beacon at the top of the hill.”

In the 60-second spot (“Pilgrimage”), a diverse group hitchhikers, ranging from cops and businessmen to Latina bowlers and an Indian family, hold up cardboard signs vaguely referencing various attractions along familiar routes in Southern California.

Teen hitchhikers want a ride to a Black Eyed Peas concert. Another is seeking a “Massive Alien Attack,” referencing the War of the Worlds set now on the back lot. A child waiting with her father is looking for “Ogre Central” (the Shrek ride). At the end of the spot, they are all depositing their signs in a pile at the Universal gate, demonstrating that their destination was the same place.

The spot ends with superimposed titles touting the five essential park features: “Theme Park, Studio Tour, Cineplex, Dining, Concerts.”

Angelo said the agency is breaking 13 radio spots in which such events as apocalyptic alien invasions, dinosaur attacks and King Kong on the loose will be presented as live-news events tagged to the day of broadcast. Angelo said the radio theme is: “If it’s not entertaining, it’s not news.”

Universal Studios Hollywood spent $7 million advertising in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.