Unionbay: New Take

Image isn’t everything in Toth Brand Imaging’s latest work for Unionbay.
Product takes center stage in a fall campaign for the teen-focused denim apparel line marketed by Seattle Pacific Industries.
“Our research told us that our target market wants to see more product,” said Unionbay president Steve Ritchey. “They want to see themselves in it doing whatever we think they’d do in it.”
While the new print and television ads created by Toth continue to depict teens in lifestyle settings, they now emphasize products with names intend to reflect teen trends and attitudes, such as “Cell Phone Cargo Pant,” and “Blazing Soul Vest.” Product names emphasize the emotions that are evoked in each ad.
“What Unionbay tried to create was an attitude and a personality,” said Michael Toth, president and executive creative director of the Concord, Mass., agency, which has worked with Unionbay for five years. “Once we had done that, we had the opportunity to show some pretty exciting product developments and show a product that fits with a lifestyle.”
The client, which handled media buying in-house, is spending $15 million this year on advertising.
Ads were shot in Asbury Park, N.J., in locations such as a junkyard, fields and near the ocean. Print ads show close-ups of products in small inset boxes, along with a large primary image. TV spots accentuate product elements by showing garment features in play. K