Unilever Seeks Viewer-Created Current TV Ads

Current TV is calling on its viewers to create ads for Unilever’s Axe Hair Crisis products and is dangling up to $60,000 for the winning spot.

Viewers have until June 3 to submit what Current dubs Viewer Created Ad Messages, which run in 30- and 60-second versions. The winning spot gets $2,500, but the winner could earn up to $60,000 if the ad is eventually broadcast outside of the network.

The assignment includes a few bullet points for would-be VCAM creators, including the fact that a recent survey showed 79 percent of girls thought most guys’ hair “didn’t cut it” while most guys were happy with their hair. The assignment stipulates that the tagline, “Get girl-approved hair,” is the “key takeaway.”

Current, which launched in 2005 and backed by Al Gore, has run VCAMs before. Most recently, the network ran them for Nissan’s Cube, T-Mobile and Wachovia, among others, though this appears to be the first time Current has worked with Unilever. A search of Current’s site in fact reveals links to a couple of videos critical of the company including a mashup of Axe and Dove ads that reveal the company’s hypocritical stance on women’s beauty. (Axe ads aimed at men show scantily clad beauties while Dove ads celebrate women’s “real beauty” even if that beauty is unconventional.)

The network’s site also contains items critical of Unilever rival Procter & Gamble.

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