Under Pressure

With investors concerned about rising energy prices and a slowing economy, stocks were under pressure all week. The Department of Commerce reported that durable-goods orders fell 10.2 percent in January, more than the expected 0.2 percent. The Dow closed last week lower, losing 56.63 points to close at 11,061.85, down 0.5 percent. The Nasdaq ended the week slightly higher at 2,287.04, increasing 3.52 points, or 0.2 percent. Ad stocks finished the week mixed. Omnicom closed relatively flat at 79.99, losing 0.21 points, down 0.2 percent. Interpublic Group managed gains, closing at 10.51, increasing 0.42 points (up 4.1 percent). And after reporting a 36 percent pretax profit for 2005 on Friday, WPP had one of its best trading days ever, gaining 4.41 points (8.2 percent) to close at 58.13. The company finished the week up 2.70 points, a 4.9 percent gain.