Just because you’re sometimes inefficient behind the wheel doesn’t mean your car should be.

Oasis’ new print effort for the 2002 Toyota Prius, which broke in October issues of various magazines, seeks to show how well the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle performs—even when your own driving isn’t up to par.

One ad shows a fellow driving around a parking lot, looking for a space. Copy reads, “Drive around. Find a parking space. See a better one. Lose the first one. Miss the second one. Drive around.” Another ad shows a mom glancing back at her car, with one of her kids racing ahead, as she has forgotten to pick up her other son.

Both ads feature the copy, “The gasoline/electric hybrid Prius. It drives efficiently even when you don’t.” They use the themeline, “Prius | genius,” and retain the tag, “Get the feeling. Toyota.”

The car’s “accessible technology” is a focus in the work, said Paul Bernas coni, partner and creative director at the New York shop. “You can be you and still drive a car that’s exceptional,” he added.

Ads broke in Smithsonian magazine and Cooking Light, among others.