Umbrella Gothic

The umbrella is not a recent invention. But Totes/Isotoner in Cincinnati thinks it has a new twist that could put more of them in the hands of a new generation.
The “SplashFlash Umbrella” from Totes offers more than just protection from the rain, according to a
TV commercial from WonderYears in Cincinnati. “It’s an umbrella,” a child announces excitedly during the spot. “It’s a flashlight. It’s glow-in-the-dark. It’s a whole new kind of fun.”
The spot, due to break during back-to-school season on cable stations including Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network, was directed by Ron Oliver, creator of “campy kids horror” movies, including Prom Night and GooseBumps, the agency said. This is the first time Oliver has brought his expertise to the small screen.
The spot has a mad juvenile inventor with green hair running around steaming tubes and electrically charged wires in his laboratory.
One thing the inventor couldn’t fix: Batteries, the commercial notes, are not included.
-Trevor Jensen