U.K. Internet Ad Spending Booms While Traditional Media Slows

Digital spending overtook TV this year

While ad spending in most U.K. media sectors slowed in the first half of 2011—understandable given the shaky condition of the global economy—Internet ad spending in the U.K. managed to buck the trend and has actually grown in recent months, the Guardian reported.

Data from the IAB’s latest update showed that U.K. Internet ad spending rose by 13.5 percent year over year, with companies dropping £2.26 billion on online advertising. That’s a stark contrast to the traditional media industry—including TV, newspapers, and radio—where spending only grew by about 1.4 percent in the first six months of the year.

Online display advertising totaled almost a quarter of all digital spending in the first half of the year, growing 18.5 percent year over year—much of which can be attributed to the dominance of Facebook, according to the Guardian. Web video ad spending also saw a major boost, doubling in size from the previous year, as did paid search advertising, which grew 12.6 percent.

According to the IAB report, Internet ad spending is stronger than it’s been in several years. While the first half of this year saw a 13.5 percent boost, in that same period of 2010, year-over-year spending was up by 11 percent. And in 2009, spending increased by just 4.6 percent. This year also saw the amount spent on digital advertising overtake TV advertising for the first time since 2009, with the Internet accounting for 27 percent of all ad expenditures and TV totaling 26 percent.