U.K. Company Seeks U.S. Agency

2 N.E. Shops In Review For $4 Mil. Account
NEW YORK–Regus Business Center Corp., a British provider and manager of temporary office space, is reviewing agencies for its U.S. launch next year.
Credentials meetings and creative presentations involving 18 shops will likely be followed by a decision in mid-November. There will be no preliminary cut of the contenders.
O’Connor identified the agencies competing for the assignment. They are: Clarion Marketing and Communications, Greenwich, Conn.; Berenson Isham & Partners, Boston; Mark Russell & Associates, Syracuse, N.Y.; Gillespie, Lawrenceville, N.J.; Trahan, Burden & Charles, Baltimore; Valentine Radford Advertising, Kansas City, Mo.; Adamson Advertising, St. Louis; and 10 New York shops.
“Our goal is to create over 200 business centers providing flexible office space in the U.S. in the next five years,” said Shirar O’Connor, marketing manager at Regus’ U.S. headquarters in Purchase, N.Y.
The company’s advertising budget is $4 million, but O’Connor said that figure “will increase significantly later.” Ad spending could eventually triple, sources estimated.
Regus operates immediately available, furnished and equipped offices on short-term, flexible leases.
Founded in 1989, Regus is a privately owned company with an estimated value of $500 million. Its clients include Ernst & Young, Microsoft and Eastman Kodak.