Uecker lucre

Beer pitchman, movie star, sitcom character, play-by-play announcer and, oh yes, former Major League baseball player Bob Uecker stars in this year’s TV campaign for Milwaukee Brewers home games.

Uecker, whose mediocrity as a ballplayer has been a boon to his post-athletic career, is shown in one ad by Milwaukee agency Kohnke Koeneke talking to Brewers player Jeff Cirillo. Uecker puffs up, thinking the young player recalls him as a former hero of the game.

But Cirillo tells him he remembers his name not from baseball but from his role in the better forgotten TV sitcom Mr. Belvedere. Uecker then gives one of his trademark deadpan stares. Another spot features Uecker in a mock-serious conversation with team mascot Bernie the Brewer.

Uecker is perhaps best known for his Miller Lite TV commercials and now does play-by-play work for the Brewers, making him a natural to tout the team, said Steve Koeneke, partner and creative director at the Milwaukee agency.

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