U. of Minnesota Touts Its Alums

The University of Minnesota’s Alumni Association is using the school’s 150th anniversary as an opportunity to promote its standing in the community.

The campaign, by Gabriel Diericks Razidlo in Minneapolis, is the group’s first ad effort in 16 years. Billings for the campaign were not disclosed.

“It’s an opportunity for the university to remind the community what an asset it is,” said creative director Doug DeGrood.

In keeping with that theme, the print campaign highlights notable graduates. One ad features Gore-Tex inventor Robert W. Gore with the headline, “Would he have invented Gore-Tex if he had gone to school in, say, Arizona?” Body copy explains how the university’s chemical engineering program helped Gore develop his product.

Other alums showcased in the campaign are Michele Brekke, NASA’s first female flight director, and Pulitzer-nominated playwright Dr. Endesha Ida Mae Holland.

The ad campaign’s theme is “Helping change the world one graduate at a time.”

“That’s essentially what the campaign is doing,” DeGrood said. “It wasn’t about using household names; it was about interesting stories and contributions to society.”

The work will run throughout the summer in Minnesota newspapers and magazines.