U by Kotex Created a Pop-Up Shop Dedicated to Making Periods a Little More Bearable

Inspired by a Tumblr post

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U by Kotex has created a brick-and-mortar shop dedicated to things that might make women's periods suck a little bit less—at least for one weekend. 

The Period Shop, which launched today and will be open until Sunday evening, is located at 138 Fifth Ave. in New York. There, passersby will find various merchandise aimed at soothing their period woes including comfortable attire, accessories, home goods, beauty products, food and snacks, and U by Kotex products. 

It is part of the brand's new campaign, "The Period Projects," a larger effort to remake women's period experiences for the better. The project also aims to change the way people think and speak about periods and, of course, the way they shop for them. 

"We know consumers and women have a lot of ideas about how to make things better when it comes to periods, period experiences and just the feminine care category in general," said Lauren Kren, brand manager for U by Kotex. "We decided to partner with some of these consumers and are championing these period projects by bringing their ideas to [life]." 

As for the pop-up shop, that idea came from a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Sarah Michelson, who blogged on Tumblr about the lack of a store dedicated to periods. 

"One of the most inspirational parts of Sarah's post was when she said we need a space where we're respected and revered," said Crystal Boersma, lead creative director on the project from Organic, the agency behind the shop. "When I run out of lipstick, I'm really excited to buy more lipstick. And I should have the same excitement to replace my tampons or pads. So a bright, open space dedicated to this is long overdue, and we're really excited to be the ones to make it happen." 

Organic worked in conjunction with with Mindshare, Geometry and Marina Maher Communications on the The Period Shop. Most of the products featured there come from companies led by women who are making a difference in their field, according to Kren. All proceeds from the shop will go to the New York women's shelter, Susan's Place.

For consumers who aren't able to drop by person, digital versions of the shop have been created on Jet.com and HelloFlo.com.

Check out the shop below (all photos are by Carlotta Kohl): 

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