Tyco Adds TV to the Mix

BOSTON Tyco this weeks adds TV spots to an image makeover effort, breaking a series of commercials from Interpublic Group’s Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos that extend the “A vital part of your world” positioning introduced in a spring print salvo [Adweek Online, June 15].

“The plan is to run on news/business cable [CNN, CNBC] and network news and analysis programs like Meet the Press, This Week,” a Tyco representative said.

Spending was not disclosed, but the budget is expected to exceed the $3 million Tyco spent last year on its corporate image efforts.

Ads once again focus on products and services, with visuals underscoring the “vital” role Tyco plays in people’s lives. For example, the company’s fire prevention services are personified by heroic firefighters. Boston-based Hill, Holliday crafted two 60-second spots and a quartet of 30-second ads for the effort.

The client , headquartered in Bermuda but with many corporate functions handled from New York and New Hampshire, has been trying to repair its image for more than a year. The high-profile trial of Tyco’s former chief executive and chief financial officer, accused of stealing millions from the company, ended in April with a hung jury.

“Yes, the Tyco brand and company has gone through an awful lot in the past two and a half years,” the rep said. “There is a significant gap between the perception of Tyco and the reality of the company. The company has always been a strong company made up of very good brands and businesses. We are scarred by the actions of a few employees who are gone from the company. Reputation-wise, we have a lot to do. We know it will take time and we’re committed to fixing it.”

The retrial of Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco’s former CEO, and former CFO Mark Swartz is set to begin next month.