Two dot

Two companies with combined estimated billings of $40 million have signed on with Deutsch Boston.
Also joining the Boston office of the country’s largest independent ad agency is Arnold Communications art director Matt Rockett.
Both new clients–, Needham, Mass., and, Cambridge, Mass.,–had contacted Deutsch executives after reading about the opening of its Boston office. Both hired the agency–run by former Arnold officials Kristin Volk and Kathy Kiely–without reviewing other shops.
The fact that offices in the former Harvard Club at 22 Batterymarch in Boston’s financial district are under construction was of little concern to either client after meeting the New York-based staffers, said client executives.
“They are smart, dedicated people who are committed to their startup in Boston,” said Sasha Novakovich, president and co-founder of GetConnected, a site aimed at young, wired consumers looking to make smart connectivity choices. “We are really excited about this partnership.”
The site provides an unbiased review of what is available in wireless, satellite, Net and local and long-distance calling. Deutsch is expected to launch GetConnected’s first branding campaign in May. A broadcast push is expected in the latter half of the year. Novakovich would not disclose ad spending but said the budget for this year is complete and “very competitive.”
Bullhorn’s Barry Hinckley, who co-founded the months-old site, said he believes it will become the resource for smaller clients interested in linking up with creative talent on a project-by-project basis. K