Twix Is a Cookie Again

DMB&B Spot Shifts Mars Candy’s Strategy
CHICAGO–Facing strong competition from a new rival in the category, M&M/Mars this week breaks a campaign for Twix from D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles that returns focus to the candy’s cookie base.
A TV spot breaking Feb. 1 introduces Twix’s new tagline: “Smarter than the average cookie.” It replaces the 2-year-old “Two for me, none for you.”
Work under the previous tagline emphasized the dual nature of the Twix bar, which creative suggested was so good it didn’t merit sharing.
“That’s cool, but it may not be as unique as it was before,” said Gordon Robertson, a vice president and creative director at the St. Louis agency who worked on the campaign. “We found it was more effective to say what was in those two [bars].
“The cookie,” Robertson said, “is really the element that distinguishes Twix. Kit Kat and others are wafers.”
The creative is aimed at 12- to17-year-olds. An initial TV spot shows two girls lamenting their poor grades in school as they stand in line at the post office. They request change of address forms and have their report cards sent to an Inuit man in the icy north.
Twix is No. 2, behind Kit Kat, in the chocolate covered cookie and wafer category in U.S. grocery sales, although sales for both slipped
last year, according to Information Resources. Hershey’s new entry, ReeseSticks, grabbed about 22 percent of the market in its debut year.
M&M/Mars spent $16 million on Twix through October of last year, per Competitive Media Reporting.