Twinlab Plans Marketing Push

Twinlab Corp. CEO Ross Blechman said that the company plans to launch new products and a new marketing campaign to help boost its position in the vitamin, sports drink and nutritional products categories.

At an annual stockholders meeting on Tuesday, Blechman said that to help the Hauppauge, NY-based company rebound from its $51.9 million loss in 2000, it soon will unveil a product intended to reduce cholesterol. He also said that the company will embark on a major alliance with Reader’s Digest in which it will mine the magazine’s 100-million-name mailing list to target-market its products.

Blechman also said that Twinlab plans to intensify efforts to expand its line into more traditional mass market outlets while extending its existing line in natural and health food stores. The company, which manufactures Wal-Mart’s Spring Valley line of herbal products, said that its items currently are found in 95% of the approximately 11,000 health food stores nationwide, but that only 25% of those carry the full line of Twinlab products.