TV Good, Jerry Bad

Jerry Seinfeld has received many accolades as his NBC sitcom, Seinfeld, ends its nine-year run.
But a backhanded compliment from competitor ABC last week was especially touching. TBWA Chiat/Day in Venice, Calif., which created the humorous “TV is good” campaign for ABC last year, took time out to salute Jerry in its own inimitable fashion.
“We’ll miss you, Jerry. The way George misses his dead fiancee,” notes the ad, alluding to the late, lamented character of Susan on the show. The print ad, which ran in entertainment trade publications such as The Hollywood Reporter last week, featured a picture of Seinfeld under the caption, “1989-1998.”
John Shirley and Rich Siegel, the shop’s creative team for the ABC campaign last year, started pitching the idea of a farewell ad to their client as soon as they heard Seinfeld was going off the air.
“We didn’t think they would run it,” laughed art director Shirley. Siegel, the copywriter half of the team, said he thought the ad was a “classy” way for ABC to pay its compliments to one of the “greatest shows” in history.
– Michael McCarthy