What do a spot created for Hartford Hospital by Cronin & Co. and the movie Gladiator have in common?
Both were shot amid the rolling hills of Italy at a certain house in Tuscany.
While the ad has been airing since September, interest in it has peaked since the film was released, said John
Riccio, vice chairman and principal at the Glastonbury, Conn., agency.
Several people who recognized the setting have recently contacted him.
“It’s pristine, purely Tuscan and highly recognizable,” he said. Riccio, who underwent quadruple bypass surgery at the hospital, appears in the ad riding his bicycle through the same Tuscan hills featured in the film.
Cronin & Co. location scouts dispatched to Italy happened upon a house that had been chosen for a scene in Gladiator. The agency decided to use it in the commercial and completed filming the week before the Gladiator crew arrived.
–Rebecca Flass