Tums “Chicken Wing”

Grey’s first brand campaign for Tums since winning the business last fall features furiously funny food fights tamed only by the fast-acting antacid. The skirmishes in the three-spots series don’t take place across dining room tables, but one on one, man vs. meal — and the results don’t so much turn your stomach as tickle your funny bone. A spicy chicken wing smacks a tailgater in the face. A taco slaps around a driver, sending lettuce flying around his (thankfully parked) car. And a string of spaghetti whips a woman in a restaurant. “Your favorite foods fighting you?” asks the voiceover. “Fight back fast with Tums.” Of course, the heat of battle is doused in the end. The spots, breaking this week, retain the brand’s 30-year old “tum-ta-tum-tum-tums” jingle.–Eleftheria Parpis