The Campbell Group’s pro bono TV work for the Baltimore Zoo focuses on the Base Camp: Rhino exhibit, which opened last week.

Ten- and 30-second spots, airing on local stations, play off the facility’s existing tagline, “It’s real at the Baltimore Zoo.”

In one spot, an animal handler, each arm outstretched by a rope on which off-camerarhinoceroses pull,introduces a startled Baltimore mom to Daisy and Stubby, a pair of white rhinos.

“I’ve got a flier here somewhere,” he pants, handing one rope to the woman. The spot ends with her grabbing the brochure with her teeth as the zookeeper is pulled out of range by the rhinos.

“This exhibit gives kids a chance to experience the rhinos by getting a behind-the-scenes look at how they’re fed and cared for,” said Andy Dumaine, creative director at the Baltimore shop. “There’s a lot of conservation work going on that people don’t know about.”

The TV ads are supported by radio, print and collateral.