Truth In Advertising

Never an agency to shy away from controversy, Fallon Minneapolis is braced for questions over its new campaign for Archipelago, an electronic stock network. The outdoor extension of the shop’s “Land of no secrets” brand campaign, tailors the message to the medium by pointing out the hidden truths about people or places near the ad’s location. For instance, a board placed under an Absolut ad that displays Ikea furniture proclaims, “Free Furniture.”

“We’re having fun with the notion of openness here,” said account director David Sigel. “But that’s exactly how Archipelgo thinks the stock market should be.”

The agency has had a complaint already about one of the boards, which points to an apartment and tells onlookers that its tenant lives with his mother, according to an agency representative. Apparently, the tenant really did live with his mother, and didn’t appreciate the publicity.