Trumping The Competition

Donald Trump’s new lady friend is the object of desire in a new TV spot for the Panasonic Sonic Shaving electric shaver.
The ad, breaking Nov. 15 on network and cable TV from Warwick Baker O’Neill, New York, shows redheaded beauty Melania Knauss dancing at a club as a young guy ogles her. TV’s Jere Burns plays a bartender, who says to our hero, “I know what you’re thinking: You and her. Right? Wrong. You look like you shaved with a belt sander. Stubble hurts, wolf boy.”
President and chief creative officer Kevin O’Neill says this spot focuses more on the “attitudinal condition of the young guys who comprise our target market,” than last year’s spot, which focused on the shaver’s technological attributes. The campaign tagline: “Get up to speed.”
O’Neill emphasized, however, that Knauss was not picked because of her Trump connection. He said the team only found out about that from a gossip column–after Knauss was tapped. “I think it’s obvious why we picked her,” O’Neill said coyly.
–Kathleen Sampey