‘Trump’ Readies Public Offering

NEW YORK Trump magazine—the eponymous luxury-lifestyle quarterly for men—is going public.

The offering comes from the magazine’s publisher and editor, Michael Jacobson, who serves as CEO of Premiere Publishing Group, which operates the title in agreement with Donald Trump. PPG also owns Poker Life magazine and the custom publishing division that recently launched World Player and Party Life.

For the IPO, Jacobson was approached by investment banking firm Legend Merchant Group, which was instrumental in executing the private placement and SB2 filing. PPG was approved June 19 as an effective public company. It will be assigned a symbol in the next two weeks, shortly after which it will be trading.

“Going public will enable us to expand all of our publications,” said Jacobson. He added that his company would leverage the IPO to expand the magazine’s newsstand presence. “Donald told me to go to Wall Street a long time ago,” said Jacobson. “And I took his advice.”

Skewed toward upscale men, the magazine, launched in September 2003, claims a readership of 25-55 year olds who fall in the comfort zone, yet, with an average household income of $100,000, by no means reach the millionaire range. The magazine is accessible to fans of The Apprentice, who, for $4.99, can pick up a copy on the newsstand and dream of living the Trump life.

The quarterly has a circulation of about 150,000, with an additional 50,000 copies distributed to residential and commercial Trump holdings.

Topics typically range from deal-making and luxury getaways to decor and epicurean dining. Advertisers include Rolls Royce, Blue Star jets and Baccarat.

PPG expects to add as many as four custom publications to its magazine portfolio in 2006.