A Truly Multicultural “Mondrian’

Anita Santiago Translates Carl’s Jr. Spot
LOS ANGELES-Sometimes an ad has a universal message even when it’s targeting a specific group.
That appears to be the case with “Mondrian,” a 30-second TV spot Anita Santiago Advertising created for fast-food chain Carl’s Jr., Anaheim, Calif. The spot was produced with Hispanic consumers in mind, but the client liked it enough to ask for an English version, too.
“It’s flattering and surprising,” said Anita Santiago, president and creative director of the Santa Monica, Calif., agency. Such a request hadn’t come before in five years with the client, she said.
The spot touts the 99-cent Spicy Chicken Sandwich in a style reminiscent of early 20th century abstract artist Piet Mondrian. It intercuts red, yellow and white squares with images of gymnasts.
Santiago says translating spots to English won’t be a regular thing. Mendelsohn/Zien, Los Angeles, handles handles general market duties for Carl’s Jr.
Interestingly, account supervisor Francisco Hernandez literally bent over backwards for the client, performing as one of the gymnasts.
Western Initiative Media handles media buying.