TrueNorth “Inspiration Cafe”

I love the woman featured in this commercial. Unlike most ads that strive to be “inspirational,” this one actually hits he mark. Actress Helen Hunt makes her directorial debut with this TruthNorth campaign via StrawberryFrog that profiles people doing extraordinary things. She manages to paint a heartfelt portrait of the commercial’s star, Laura Nigro, an ex-cop who founded the Inspiration Café, which serves Chicago’s homeless in a restaurant-style environment and offers job training and placement. At one point she says: “When you are walking into the Inspiration Café, it feels like you are walking into my heart.” The spot beautifully conveys that sentiment, and it’s impossible not to believe that Nigro is in fact living her dream as she laughs with her staff, dances around the kitchen and serves the people in her facility. Her patrons are also displayed with dignity. The final voiceover makes it clear that the Frito-Lay snack brand is not responsible for her impressive achievements, but informs viewers that the company is like-minded. –Eleftheria Parpis