True Freindship

Friends come in all shapes and sizes—as well as species. And they’re always there for each other, according to a new PSA campaign for Friends of Animals.

The print effort, by PlowShare Group, includes three ads that bear the line, “A friend will always be there for a friend.”

One ad shows a chimpanzee reaching out to a human hand above. Another shows two chimps sitting beside each other—with one animal’s arm around the other. A third execution shows a chimp looking directly at the viewer, its arm around a tree.

Each ad urges people to “be a friend for life.” The work cites a phone number and Web site address for the Darien, Conn.-based animal-rights organization.

The tagline: “Friends for life.”

“We’re relating people and animals together—and animals need friends,” said John La Rock, creative director at the Stamford, Conn.-based shop. He noted that chimps were chosen to appear in the ads because of FoA’s ongoing initiative in Senegal to help protect those animals, as well as because of their “human qualities.”

The work—PlowShare’s first for the client—is expected to break nation ally in publications this month.