True Calling

The Adrian Dominican Sisters want people to think about religion as a vocation—or simply think about religion, period.

The Catholic order has launched a full-blown ad campaign with TV, Internet, direct mail, college outreach program and outdoor, said Chris Barecki, the organization’s director of communications. Barecki was hired a year ago, chiefly to create the group’s inaugural media campaign.

The advertising is intended to increase public awareness of the Adrian Dominicans, based in Adrian, Mich., and to provide a means of contact for those considering a religious vocation, he said.

Billboards employ simple executions and feature a plain black background with large white type. Two different phrases are used: “Life is short. Eternity isn’t” and “Is God tapping on your shoulder?”

The Curtis Group, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., created the TV spot, while A.L. Clark & Associates in Roch ester, Mich., bought the media.

Viewers are offered the sisters’ Web site address, www.adrian The site was purchased for the campaign, and so far has generated 2,900 hits in a week.