Truckers Name PriceWeber First Agency

ATLANTA The American Trucking Association has tapped PriceWeber to create an image campaign, the client confirmed.

The Louisville, Ky., shop won the assignment following a review that began in August with nine agencies. PriceWeber competed against three other finalists: Stratacom in Washington, D.C., Gellman Public Relations in New York and The Sage Agency in Sterling, Va. Billings are under $1 million. PW is the group’s first agency.

According to Mike Russell, vice president of public affairs at the Alexandria, Va.-based association, the ATA’s new president and CEO, Bill Graves, pledged to promote safety and the trucking industry’s image when he took office earlier this year. Trucking accounts for some 68 percent of goods shipped in the U.S. Rail, trucking’s closest competitor, moves 13 percent, according to Russell.

“We’ve wanted and needed [an agency], but we haven’t had the resources for a comprehensive campaign,” said Russell.

PriceWeber will leverage the group’s 3,000 members and the 50-state trucking associations and other affiliated groups to increase awareness of the industry and foster a sense of purpose among truck drivers.

Previous efforts were limited to slogans such as “If you got it, a truck brought it” and “Without trucks, America stops.”

Russell said PW would create a campaign focused on drivers to promote their self-image and “prove to them that they’re doing a good job and a necessary job.”

Work will break in February 2004.