Trone Will Introduce 3 Canandaigua Wines

ATLANTA – Canandaigua Wine Co. is keeping Greensboro, N.C.-based Trone Advertising busy with additional assignments amounting to more than $40 million. The agency is handling product launches for the client’s Arbor Mist, Taylor Reserve and Mystic Cliffs lines.
Next month the New York client will introduce Arbor Mist, a brand aimed at people who find wine coolers too sweet and varietal offerings too confusing, with $6.5 million in print ad support during the first six months of distribution.
Positioned between wine coolers and varietals like Chardonnay and White Zinfandel, Arbor Mist uses those two as a base, but adds light carbonation and natural fruit flavors.
Although print ads for Arbor Mist are still in production, the campaign will resemble the current point-of-sale displays (shown at left). For example, a peach is nestled amid a grape bunch for the Peach Chardonnay product. “We want to make sure [merchandising and advertising] communicates this new taste idea, so we created a visual mnemonic,” said Trone vice president and associate creative director Julie Staton. The straightforward tag: “Great tasting wine with a splash of fruit.”
The ads are aimed at women ages 21-34 and start breaking next month in 21 national magazines, including People, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Jet and Cosmopolitan.
Canandaigua also hopes to reinvent the dessert wine category by making it more relevant to younger adults via Taylor Reserve. The new line, sold in square-shaped bottles, is being tested in pilot markets and will receive more than $1 million in advertising and promotion. Print ads featuring the line “Turning a moment into a tradition” will break this month.
The Arbor Mist and Taylor Reserve launches occur as Canandaigua presses forward at the high end with its premium Mystic Cliffs line. Shipping late summer from recently established Riverland Vineyards in Gonzales, Calif., Mystic Cliffs will get $35 million in marketing support over 18 months.