Seeking to establish itself as a player in the telecom and Internet arenas, WinStar Communications has launched a review for its $15 million corporate image account.
The New York-based company invited Trone Advertising to participate, but the incumbent has declined, according to its chief executive officer, James Feeney.
From its New York office, the Greensboro, N.C., agency had crafted WinStar’s tagline, “Brave new business,” which is featured in a current television effort.
Up to 10 shops may have been contacted. Among those agencies is Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York, which last month helped launch WinStar’s site. It will retain that assignment regardless of the result of the corporate review, said client official Arthur Sando.
Despite serving some 20,000 international business customers, WinStar’s lower profile than rivals like AT&T has it looking to boost awareness. “We’re introducing a new look . . . a new message into the marketplace,” Sando said.
Pile and Co., a Boston consultancy, is conducting the search. The client hopes to name a winner in early 2000.
–Dave Gianatasio