Trone Gives Insurer Jefferson Pilot A New Life In Financial Circles

The renamed Jefferson Pilot Financial in Greensboro, N.C., strives to broaden its image from life insurance company to financial services provider via TV commercials breaking this week in the East, Southeast and Midwest.
Trone Advertising in Greensboro created the new campaign, themed “Helping you write the story of your life.”
Trone executive vice president and creative director Ron Irons, who worked on the campaign with senior vice president and creative director Mike Turner, said the new slogan “fit perfectly with Jefferson Pilot’s new vision of [it-self].” Previous ads carried the line, “The vision to power your dreams.”
Last year’s acquisitions of Chubb Life and Alexander Hamilton Life by what was then known as Jefferson-Pilot Corp. raised its ranking to 15th in the nation in insurance in force. Although Jefferson Pilot Financial’s focus remains on life insurance, the firm has begun offering an array of financial products and services.
“It’s a quantum leap into a much broader category,” said Trone president and chief executive officer Jim Feeney. “I think the look of the advertising bespeaks that.”
One spot, with 30- and 60-second versions, interchanges scenes of a man on a beach with interior shots of his beach home. “Of all the stories you’ve come to know, the most important by far is your own,” says the voiceover. “Are you just watching it unfold? Or are you writing it?”
A second effort depicts a couple en-gaged in a humorous discussion about building a getaway cabin.
The TV spots break today in markets such as New York, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Miami and Nashville, Tenn. Consumer print ads appear in February issues of publications including Money, Smart Money and Worth. Trade ads are also part of the mix.
Trone defeated New York’s Merkley Newman Harty and McCann-Erickson in Atlanta last year to retain the estimated $5 million Jefferson Pilot account.