Trone, 2C See Eye to Eye

N.C. Shop’s Homework Wins Over Optics Maker
ATLANTA-Trone Advertising in Greensboro, N.C., has secured the advertising account of 2C Optics, a vision lens manufacturer with a projected budget of $10-20 million.
The account has been with Lois/EJL in New York, according to client chief executive officer Syl Ghirardi. He said the business was placed into review because his relationship with Lois “wasn’t working.”
Three other agencies were considered for the 2C Optics account, but Ghirardi declined to identify them.
2C Optics became aware of Trone through a referral, but the agency quickly made a strong impression with its approach to the review.
“They took a very thorough look at our business and how we needed to be strategically positioning our products,” said Ghirardi. “It was surprising how much work these guys did, even going out and conducting some market tests. And then they came to us with some solutions.”
Founded in 1991, 2C Optics has developed a method of making prescription lenses in a matter of minutes that is said to be more economical than standard techniques. The process reportedly allows consumers to add features like scratch-resistant coatings or tinting-which can drive up the price of prescription glasses-without incurring a hefty bill.
According to agency chairman Lee Trone, the first phase of the shop’s work will be a trade campaign to further acquaint ophthalmologists and optometrists with the new technology. That will be followed by a consumer effort.
Trone said the trade work would begin running within the next two or three months, while consumer advertising will likely appear by the end of this year.
“2C Optics is perfect for us because we will be able to work with our client on setting the professional and consumer strategy, then creating the advertising and whatever it takes to get that message out,” Trone said. ƒ