Trick, Treat or None of the Above?

The spookiest think about Halloween is the way adults have elbowed little kids out of the way and made the holiday their own. In a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted earlier this month, 25 percent of adults said they’ll be dressing up for Halloween this year. Let’s hope there’s considerable overlap with the 27 percent who said they’ll be attending a Halloween party.

The poll also asked the question, Is Halloween just for kids or for both kids and adults? Thirty-seven percent said it’s just for kids; 57 percent said it’s for both; 6 percent weren’t sure.

Despite the horror-heavy programming on TV in the weeks leading up to Halloween, just 5 percent of respondents said they’ll spend the holiday watching horror movies. One last tidbit: 23 percent of respondents answered affirmatively when asked whether they’ve “ever been the victim of a Halloween prank.” It was beyond the purview of the survey to tell us whether it served those victims right.