Trend Spotting

So you think science fiction, sushi and spirituality are hot right now? How about designer Tommy Hilfiger, two-tone hair color and Madonna?

Those who answered ‘yes’ to the first question are probably ‘trendsetters.’ But those agreeing with the second are ‘mainstream’–at least according to The L Report.

Compiled by Del Mar, Calif., agency Lambesis, The L Report is composed of six volumes published each quarter that can be used by clients to find out what is hot for 14- to 30-year-olds. Scouts in six different cities conduct the research. Clients can then utilize the information to market their products.

Among the categories included in each report are the newest things people are buying, favorite types of music, the people admired most, current influences on style, the best things about life and favorite print ads.

This information does not come cheap.

A one-year subscription of 24 volumes costs $20,000.

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