tray chic

Paul Davis is an idea man. He saw the food purchased at sporting events. He saw it hauled away in the overburdened trays. He saw opportunity.

Davis, president of Easy Carry in Costa Mesa, Calif., designed, and is now marketing, a newfangled cardboard contraption to replace the inefficient “pulp and flimsy cardboard of nowadays,” he said.

The Easy Carry product is a sturdy, two-tiered food transporter with space for four large drinks on the lower level and a removable food tray on top. With a slotted opening in the center, the upper compartment is held in place by the handle attached to the drink compartment.

In other words, the cardboard contraption enables fans to carry four drinks and an equal number of hot dogs or snacks with one hand.

Unlike conventional trays that offer scant protection for food and beverages, Davis noted there is something else his multipurpose tote can carry: advertising.

Davis is now scouting for advertisers who want their messages or logos plastered on the Easy Carry.

Davis said the device was inspired by a trip—someone else’s trip at the ball game.

“My wife ended up with nachos and cheese on her white blouse,” Davis said. “I got the spilled beer.”