To Grow Fast, Travel Brand Béis Knows You Have to Fail Fast Too

Shay Mitchell and Adeela Hussain Johnson on finding DTC success

Editor: Breanna Mallamaci
Headshot of Ko Im

Despite partnerships with retailers such as Nordstorm, Revolve and Ulta, luxury travel gear and accessories maker Béis still relies on direct-to-consumer sales for more than 75% of its business.

“We want to have that direct relationship with the consumer,” Adeela Hussain Johnson, president of Béis, said at Adweek’s Challenger Brands Summit 2020 in March. “When we’re thinking about growing that brand, that’s the digital space.”

Being a DTC brand also allows the nimble team to react and be flexible with inventory. Béis bulked up before the coronavirus really slowed down U.S. business, and it’s now rethinking sourcing.

Hear more in our video of Shay Mitchell, founder and chief brand officer of Béis (and Pretty Little Liars star), talking about not paying to play, how much she enjoys sharing authentic, behind-the-scenes content and receiving feedback via user-generated content.

@koimtv Ko Im is the community editor at Adweek and co-host of Adweek's podcast Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.